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[ We have some good plans for our future extensions. AOL will get more and more chance to expand its working field, and also this is the best way to access to information and share with world. ] 



Provide a series of programs to teach people different countries’ languages, and also it teaches people how to keep a good relationship with your friends, families and so on. This programs not only focus on languages, but also pay more attention on what is communication and how to communication. 




Provide a nice space to let people have an interaction with each other, also there are so many resources to let people know how to get some old books or any collector’s edition books. This library not only includes all common services, but also it allows people to find their books by themselves from the resources the library provides. 

This room provides more space for children and their parents to have a good environment so that they can have more great conversation to learn something from books or families. 



This art studio has some design workshops and drawing cours- es for different groups of people. They are free to join and share their ideas with designers. Also, this studio could open their work space to present for public. it is a good chance to learning, and it’s showing itself for their clients 

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